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Lowering Your Loss Ratio
Lowering your loss ratio while lessening the total claims payout is our goal.
We achieve this with our in-place drying, “Drying-By-Science” methodology.

Why Refer Us For Water Damage Restoration?

We built our entire company around the emotional dynamics of our customers. Happy customers mean a continuing relationship with your company, and word of mouth advertising on how prompt and professional their loss was handled. We offer around the clock water damage restoration with an immediate response to help calm and reassure your customer, as well as limit the damage. Our job is to make you look good for referring us.

We are Certified by the IICRC in Water Damage Restoration.

We are trained and certified by the IICRC in Water Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation, Sewage Remediation, Lead Abatement, Asbestos Removal and Structural Drying. IICRC is the world’s most recognized body of certification for restoration and cleaning. By upholding the highest standards in water damage inspection, cleaning, and restoration, we are able to provide our customers with exceptional service and peace of mind.

These are the photos from one of our CE/Continued Education Classes for Insurance agents. This particular event was at The Clarion Inn at Hudson, Ohio.

Why Act Now for Water Damage & Sewage Removal?

Delays in water and sewage removal causes secondary damages which increases mold growth, the time to restore property loss, and the time to claim expenses. Wet carpet is only the tip of the iceberg with water damage. Properly removing the water and drying the structure immediately will prevent most mold growth, and save time, money, and grief. Time is the crucial element in water damage restoration.

Do we have a good reputation?

Our reputation is second to none. Some of the most prominent individuals, property management companies, insurance companies, and businesses in the area refer us. See our testimonials for local customers we have helped with flood damage and water extraction.

We use only industry leading Phoenix Equipment

The most advanced structural drying systems on the market are used by Flood Pro. We have an extensive collection of the best equipment and meters available to find the water, and to make sure we are properly drying your structure. Each technician arrives with their very own Inspection Kit to perform a thorough inspection of the affected areas of your home or business.

We use the most advanced structural drying systems available to maximize rapid and effective drying. We maintain a full line of Phoenix low-grain dehumidifiers, extractors, air scrubbers, and high velocity air movers. Flood Pro uses the most sophisticated moisture detection meters and sensors available.

How do we dry your structure?

Our drying methods can save you 50-75% over other companies. While other companies readily tear out wet materials like carpet and dry wall, our expertise is “In-Place Drying.” Typically we can dry the structure and contents of a wet home or business in three to five days. That includes hardwood floors, sub floors, sill plates, ceramic tile, marble, drywall, ceilings, carpet, carpet pad, cabinets, and even furniture. Items that seem beyond repair can be restored when the restoration process is started without delay. Faster drying results in lowered expenses.

(There are times when flooring and construction materials must be removed and replaced. For example, if sewage is present or water damage has been left unmitigated for an extended time. In the event water damage has affected your home or business to this extent, our experienced and licensed restorers work as quickly as possible to repair your property).

Paperwork and Documentation

The most important process in mitigating your loss is documentation and daily monitoring of your drying project.

After all of the Structural Drying Equipment is placed, monitoring the drying process is crucial. On a daily basis, your Drying Specialist will need to take readings, document the drying process, and control the drying conditions. He/she will also be checking the exact moisture contents of everything affected and adjusting equipment for faster drying. This documentation is our standard for every drying project. We will also keep these records for you.

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